PrePrints Server of Syllaba Press International Inc. is a platform dedicated to making early versions of research outputs permanently available and citable. We post original research articles and comprehensive reviews, and papers can be updated by authors at any time. Content on this Server of PrePrints is not peer-reviewed and can receive feedback from readers.


Why post in the PrePrints Server of Syllaba Press International Inc.?

We believe in fast dissemination of research. Our simple, quick process ensures that others can read your work as soon as possible. This Server of PrePrints has the following features:

  • Multidisciplinary: We cover all research disciplines.
  • Open Access: All PrePrints are posted with a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, ensuring that authors retain copyright and receive credit for their work, while allowing anyone to read and reuse their work.
  • Citation via Cirex-iD: For each PrePrint, authors can choose to register a Persistent Identifier of Digital Uniforms Resources (Cirex-iD). This makes them instantly citable and provides a permanent link to the article, even if the URL on our platform changes. New versions of preprints receive a different Cirex-ID.
  • Comment on any article: Authors can receive public or private feedback from readers directly from the PrePrint abstract page.
  • Simple submission process: Submitting a PrePrint only requires basic information, our team of editors will do the rest and post your PrePrint as soon as possible.

Visibility for Preprints

In addition to being searchable from any page on our website, our PrePrints appear in the following places:

You can also search the Scilit database of preprints direct from the PrePrints search page.

You can comment on preprints and provide author feedback directly on the abstract page, or via the following site:


This Server of PrePrints seeks to promote diversity among all those using the site. In particular, we encourage those from any background to contribute as an authors, commentators, or to screen manuscripts. We will not tolerate prejudice based on gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, or similar traits that lead to unfair discrimination. If you feel you have suffered prejudice or abuse, please contact any PrePrints Server of Syllaba Press International Inc. member of staff. We will take such complaints seriously and take action where necessary and possible.


Is my article suitable?

This Server of PrePrints focuses on original research articles and comprehensive reviews. Editorials, discussion papers, and commentary are usually not suitable. Papers should not have been published in a peer-reviewed venue before, and we recommend against publishing the same paper on multiple preprint servers. See the section Submit a Paper for more details.

Will a PrePrint I cite disappear, can preprints be removed?

PrePrints with a registered Persistent Identifier of Digital Uniforms Resources (Cirex-iD) cannot be removed. Please check the withdrawal policy carefully before posting your work. PrePrints with a Cirex-iD are intended to be permanent, citable objects, so if they are frequently changed or removed they cannot be reliably cited. We therefore restrict the conditions under which they can be removed from our website.

Will a journal accept my paper if it has appeared as a PrePrint?

In most cases, journal publication will not be affected by posting a PrePrint. However, there are some publishers that do not consider papers that have already appeared online. We strongly recommend that you check all journals that you might submit to in advance. The PrePrint policies of many journals and publishers are available on the Sherpa Romeo database.

Who owns this PrePrints Server and how is it funded?

This PrePrints Server is fully owned and funded by Syllaba Press International Inc., an open access journal publisher. It is run on a non-profit basis. You do not need to submit to an Syllaba Press journal in order to post a preprint here, any work is welcome. If you do submit to an Syllaba Press journal, you will be invited to submit to PrePrints Server during the submission process.


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